Šviesos ieškok tamsoje


A night of contemporary circus at "Arts Printing House" (France, Finland, Lithuania)
18:00 - 01:45  
Courtyard of "Arts Printing House" (Šiltadaržio str. 6) and Vilnius Academy of Art (Maironio str. 3)  

Bravery, creativity and challenges will dominate the circus area. Here you will see the performance of air acrobatics with the elements of burlesque and western "Miss Dolly" by "Marcel et ses Drôles de Femmes“ as well as the Finish circus on wheels "Motosikai" with breathtaking tricks and subtle humour and the performances Lithuanian contemporary circus artists. Program: 18PM - 1.45AM Lithuanian Circus Shows and Creative Labs 19PM, 21PM "Miss Dolly" 22PM, 1AM "Motosikai"

Pearls of contemporary dance at the courtyard of Vilnius Picture Gallery (Croatia, Lithuania)
20:00 - 20:45  
21:00 - 21:45  
23:30 - 00:15  
01:00 - 01:45  
Vilnius Picture Gallery (Didžioji str. 4)  

8PM and 9PM: a dynamic performance ""Prison of Decision"" by two dancers from Croatia ""&M Dance Company” combines different techniques, choreographic ideas and demonstrates the intrigues of human relationship. 11.30PM and 1AM: the performance ""Holly Spring"" by Lithuanian contemporary and street dance theatre ""Low air"" shows how we act when we think that we are free to choose for ourselves.

Street theatre performance "Peregrinus" (Poland)
20:00 - 21:00  
The performance starts at a shopping mall GO9, continues to Kudirka square and moves down the Gediminas avenue to Odminiai square and Cathedrals square.  

KTO theatre from Poland presents "Peregrinus": a contemporary mobile theatre performance. His world is a "digital" civilization: a sad and at the same time absurd place, where consumerism becomes a dominant religion.

SKRYF Sand writer (Netherlands)
19:00 - 23:00  
Cathedral square  

Skryf Sand writer creates an ephemeral poetry. A slow flow of sand writes one letter after another and forms poetic passages right under the feet of the passers-by.

"Malina” (Spain, Lithuania)
18:00 - 18:40  
19:30 - 21:10  
21:00 - 21:40  
The action starts in the hideout ("Malina") at the Jewish Culture and Information Centre (Mėsinių str. 3A), develops in the Old Town area: any gathering place (a square, bus stop, a cafe)...  

Two Jews hiding in a shelter since 1942 ("Malina”, Mėsinių str. 3a) finally get out. A little confused, they come to this world to face their fears. With endless wonder and hope, they surprise and provoke the audience, evoke laughter and sometimes create absurd situations, drawing in the passers-by and turning them into the creators of a show.

21:00 - 02:00  
Town Hall square  

Installation - performance. It's a short journey through the labyrinths of the unconscious which will let you see the world around you from another point of view and to see new possibilities in everyday life. Project supporters: "AKA Baltic", "Ponas Balionas"

Stage of Nordic Countries
20:30 - 01:30  
Square by Radvilai Palace (by Vilnius str.) (Vilniaus str. 24)  

For the fifth year in a row one of the most popular outdoor stages will settle in front of Radvila Palace. The event will be opened by the contest of the most Icelandic looking beard, Swedish band "Jarnna" will present a program inspired by an artistic landscape, Icelanders "Baldur" will charm the audience with their electronic music and Danish quartet "LIIMA" will create a performance of experimental music. For a Nordic dessert - "NB8" uniting the cultures of Nordic and Baltic regions. Program: 8.30PM the contest of the most Icelandic looking beard 9.30PM Jarnna 10.30PM Liima 11.30PM Baldur 12.30AM NB8

LRT Opus stage
19:00 - 02:00  
"Summer Terrace" (Vilniaus str. 39)  

A breath of summer, positive vibes and seven talented performers on "LRT Opus Stage" at the "Summer Terrace": "Baltasis Kiras", "Solo Ansamblis", "Kūjeliai", "Wolfsome", "Z on A", and "The Independent". Like every year, let's spend the "Culture Night" together!

LRT Culture "At Full Volume"
20:00 - 01:30  
S. Daukantas square  

LRT Culture project "At Full Volume" will welcome everyone on "Culture Night" and invite to listen to quality music. The stage in Simonas Daukantas square will host selected professionals: from classics to electronic music. Those, who are curious about the daily life of musicians and creators will be invited to listen to the conversations with musicians.

Sounding Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania
18:00 - 01:00  
Palace of the Grand Dukes, Katedros square 4 (inside and outside).  

New year - same traditions, but we will bringing in some new sounds and visualisations. The five hour musical part will be filled with various talented and famous classical, gospel, instrumental pop and rock music performers and bands. The music will "jump" through different ages: from Baroque era to the times of Madonna. The visitors will also be invited to look around the museum and wander through its corridors with a "map of discoveries". Cinema theatre "Pasaka" will organize a free screening as part of an outdoor cinema project "Cinema under the stars".

Piano music night at Lukiškės square: "Black and White"
21:00 - 01:00  
Lukiškės square  

An inherent part of every "Culture Night" - a "Black and White" piano concert at Lukiškės square. At 9PM the brightest young musicians will perform and at midnight the concert will reach its culmination with a performance of maestro Petras Geniušas, playing the compositions of R. Schumann, F. Chopin and C. Debussy.

The City of Educated Family
18:00 - 24:00  
Bernardinai garden  

It's a space which has gathered nearly half a hundred of creators. They will invite children and grown-ups to SEE, TRY OUT and FEEL the educational variety of different types of culture and art and will give away a bunch of meaningful leisure time ideas and positive emotions.

Movie screenings and musical poetry evening in the State Small Theatre of Vilnius with A. Kaušpėdas and G. Patackas
18:00 - 23:00  
The State Small Theatre of Vilnius (Gedimino av. 22)  

6PM Screening of "The Little One Comes Home" by V. Damaševičius and J. Matonis and "Oedipus the King" by Rimas Tuminas. 9PM melodious poetry evening with the poems of a singer A. Kaušpėdas and a famous Lithuanian poet G. Patackas. Register by e-mail ingrida@vmt.lt, registration stopped

The Antique teeth of Kashpirovsky: hanging
21:00 - 22:00  
Šventaragis valley  

A band, never lacking good mood and energy, "Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys“, will throw a special performance on "Culture Night". The performance will be even more impressive due to the songs performed hanging in the air. With the help of "Montis Magia", the stage with the band will be hung up 3 meters from the ground.

Lithuanian Film Classics and Rap
23:00 - 02:00  
Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum / Piano Man Outside (Vilniaus str. 41)  

Lithuanian film classics VS rap! 11PM - screening of "A Little Confession" by Algirdas Araminas with now deceased Vytautas Kernagis. 12AM - DJ Alko. 1AM - DOGMA. A solo project of Kastetas and Donciavas: two members of the most famous hip hop band in Lithuanian "G&G Sindikatas". The musicians will link the rap lyrics with the Lithuanian film classics.

Europeana 280 Jumping Jack
22:00 - 02:00  
Square by Radvilai Palace (by Vilnius str.) (Vilniaus str. 24)  

Near the entrance to the museum, an interactive, engaging and great fun projection with all selected art works from "European 280 jumping jacks". Project partner - Gluk Media.

Light Installation "Horizon"
21:30 - 02:00  
Reformatai Park  

An interactive installation of lasers and sound will allow the audience to feel a different space.

Intermediate Version of Human
19:00 - 02:00  
Vincas Kudirka square  

An installation consisting of the elements of sculpture and light. It analyses the intermediary state between the past viewpoint and the new, sometimes radically changing aspects of life.

22:00 - 01:00  
Cathedra square, Odminiai square, Šventaragis valley  

A street performance of Klaipėda puppet theatre with four big, visual, ironically stylized puppets and the complementary objects: sounds and lights. The passers-by will be transported to a windy, salty and unpredictable see.

The Story of Ringing Bells (Netherlands)
20:00 - 21:00  
Church of St. apostles Philip and Jacob (Vasario 16-osios str. 11)  

Stop for a moment to listen to the sounds of bells - the "Stories of ringing bells" will be told by the performers from Netherlands: Auke de Boer and Bauke Reitsma. Hear the musical stories of Renaissance to present day.

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