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Career Portraits. A New Look at Imprisoned Convicts Through the Lens of Urban Art

Event time: 18:00-21:00

Art lab Kiaurai Sienas, together with NGO partners from Nacionalinis Socialinės Integracijos Institutas and Prirašytos rankos, is conducting a social project called Career Portraits. It is a project that combines art, improvement of social skills and volunteering in order to tackle the social issues related to people serving their time in Lithuanian prisons. A group of artists, social workers and volunteers is engaged in various activities dedicated to reintegrate the inmates into the society. The team is working with people serving their time in male and female correction houses across the country. The project seeks to involve the general audience in a discussion about this extremely vulnerable group, by employing art as means of communication. During the Culture Night festival, five pieces of art based on live meetings with the inmates will be created and later displayed in the public spaces of Vilnius.

Project promoter: Art lab Kiaurai sienas