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Ina Budrytė’s painting exhibition The Unearthed and Resurfaced

Event time: 18:00-22:00

THE ROOM gallery presents the latest painting exhibition The Unearthed and Resurfaced by one of the most original contemporary artists of Vilnius Ina Budrytė.

Ina Budrytė on her exhibition: ‘Sometimes my paintings arrive through the air. They descend slowly and easily; I can spot them from afar and follow them as they glide closer and their surface becomes more distinct. It is rare for paintings to emerge this way, also something that can never be pre-planned. I mostly unearth my images where I probably have left them behind and forgotten; in the process of digging, I also come across other images, unexpected ones that were hidden by someone else (…)’

Project promoter: THE ROOM gallery