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Event time: 5 PM - 1 AM

Event location: Rūdininkų square

This year, Culture Night took the initiative and drew the “Perimeter”. The perimeter incorporates musical and its supplementary peripheries – various progressive and concept-pushing artists that move forwards from popular music and its clichés. They are the margins of the sonic and visual world that move forward, look for original ways to express themselves, wonder around, make mistakes and finally find new spaces for their fantasies behind the perimeter.

Pre-registration required: HERE

Project promoter: Festival „Culture night“, Perimetras

Event line-up:

5 – 6 PM Vecera


6 – 7 PM Gintautas Gascevičius


7 – 8 PM Eglė Kančauskaitė ir Patris Židelevičius


8 – 9 PM Šeiko dance theatre and Maciej Kuźmiński Company (PL)


9 – 10 PM Simonas Nekrošius


10 – 11 PM Naujos kaukės


11 – 00 PM Sheep Got Waxed


00 – 1 AM JUZT