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Portal Vilnelė Stream

Event time: 18:00-00:00

Vilnelė Stream 18:00-19:00

The 16th Vilnelė Stream talk will take place in the Vilnelė River near Užupis Art Incubator (Užupio St. 2A). It is Vilnelė Sream season closing talk, during which Vilnelė Stream moderator LRT journalist Inesa Rinkevičiūtė will talk with artist Robertas Narkus, who will represent Lithuania in 2022 at the Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art.

It will be possible to listen to the conversation on the shore of Vilnelė next to Užupis Art Incubator (Užupio St. 2A) or watch the LIVE broadcast on the Facebook page of Užupis Art Incubator.


Laser installation “Vilnelė Portal” 19:00-00:00

Near Užupio st. 2A, above the Vilnelė River, between the Užupis and Bernardine bridges, the inter-space portal will be interpreted by means of lighting and lasers, creating a mystical futuristic atmosphere. It is a visual interface that encourages speculation about what is at the other end of the portal, opening the gate between Vilnius Old Town and the Republic of Užupis. For visitors of the Culture Night, it is an opportunity to feel a futuristic surprise, to activate the senses, imagination, curiosity – to explore and discover.

Project promoter: Užupis Art Incubator