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“Should I? I Can! “

Event time: from 8:00 to 9:30 pm

In the play, the actresses are raising their own questions and problems and it was written using some of their personal stories. The topics explored by the director forced the actresses to focus on self-discovery, and questions were raised to themselves as well as the others. During the discussions and rehearsals, it became clearer what shapes a woman, what influence her parents have on her formation, the surrounding environment and the society. The power of the play is that the actresses will talk openly and loudly about everything here. You may not always dare to talk to your mother, a friend, neither your partner, because you are afraid of being misunderstood. Hopefully our performance will be a great trip to within ourselves, and perhaps push the viewer into having an open conversation that has always been postponed.

Register now – bozenasimona@gmail.com

Project promoter: Božena Sosnovska, Gabriela Blaževič, Maria Zukovska