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SHORT, YET FILMS cinema space

Event time: 18:00-23:30

Event location: Bernardinai Garden

Vilnius International Short Film Festival invites people to spend Culture Night watching short films! This year, the festival will have a special cinema space in the Bernardinai Garden where two short film programmes will be screened: “Short, Yet Films: Lithuanian Animation” for kids and a film programme for adults – “Short, Yet Films: Me and Myself”. Immerse yourself in the short stories that have already won the sympathy of the audience and gained international recognition!



18:00 “Short, Yet Films: Lithuanian Animation” (27 min.)

19:00 “Short, Yet Films: Lithuanian Animation” (27 min.)

20:00 “Short, Yet Films: Me and Myself” (84 min.)

22:00 “Short, Yet Films: Me and Myself” (84 min.)


“Short, Yet Films: Lithuanian Animation”

A playful program of Lithuanian animation balanced for lovers of adventure, pranks and secrets! In just 30 minutes, audience will explore Vilnius together with a funny fellow Mr. Naktis, taste the delicious grandmother’s pancakes, try to catch the extraordinary forest creatures and experience the mysterious wonders of life up close. A colorful journey through the memorable works of the new Lithuanian animation will enchante everyone in the family!


Films: RUNNING LIGHTS (dir. Gediminas Šiaulys, animation, 11 min., 2017), MR. NIGHT HAS A DAY OFF (dir. Ignas Meilūnas, animation, 2 min., 2016), WOODS (dir. Ignas Meilūnas, animation, 12 min., 2015), GRANDMA’S PANCAKES (dir. Dominyka Adomaitytė, Vykintas Labanauskas, animation, 2 min., 2019).


Films without dialogues. For family.

Duration: 27 min.


“Short, Yet Films: Me and Myself”

There is nothing more terrifying than a confrontation with one’s self. Maybe the only thing more terrifying is that sooner or later the rest of the world will have to be introduced to our own desires, inner demons and silent thoughts. Five protagonists of this programme ask: “Who am I?” and by seeking answers they have to try on different personalities.


Films: FILIPIÑANA (dir. Rafael Manuel, Philippines, United Kingdom, 2020, fiction, 24 min.), I AM AFRAID TO FORGET YOUR FACE (dir. Sameh Alaa, Egypt, France, Belgium, Qatar, 2020, fiction, 15 min.), SOMETHING TO REMEMBER (dir. Niki Lindroth von Bahr, Sweden, 2019, animation, 5 min.), NOW, DAPHNE (dir. Johann G. Louis, France, 2019, fiction,  21 min.), MY OWN LANDSCAPES (dir. Antoine Chapon, France, 2019, documentary, 19 min.).


Films only with Lithuanian subtitles.
Duration: 84 min. N-13