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Event time: 19:00-22:00

WOMARTS NOTATION is a sound system for your ears, hearts, and movements of your fingertips and toes. Migloko, Umiko Kotori and Agnes M will present a musically enchanted evening, with performances complimented by visualizations by Adomas Zudys.

Miglokas (Miglė Vilčiauskaitė) creates and produces music, teaches vocals and organizes creative workshops and has given concerts not only on the most interesting stages in Lithuania but also in Russia, the USA, Belgium, the Netherlands and many other countries. Her performances are full of energy, freedom and joy of life.

Umiko Kotori (Elena Neniškytė) – composer, vocalist, instrumentalist. Playing bass guitar, drums, synthesizers, piano and voice, experimenting in various styles (funk, rock, electronics, jazz, punk, lo – fi, etc.), as well as mixes music recordings. This year she released a new audio-visual solo album “In the nowhere without the no”.

Agnès M – creator and performer of synth pop / synth wave style music. Behind the nickname Agnès M we find Agnès Matulevičiūtė, a composer and sound artist. Matulevičiūtė’s primary field of interest is the area beyond sound, including its contexts, discourses, and application in both musical and sound art compositions. She actively participates in group exhibitions, art and contemporary music festivals, writes music for cinema and theatre.

Pre-registration required: Here

Project promoter: Public institution Vilniaus rotušė