During one of the longest nights of the year, from 19 to 20 June, the permanent residents and guests of Vilnius city were once again invited to wander along the routes of lively Vilnius.

The night of culture ‘Let there be night!’ organized for the fourth time and held from 6.00 p.m. to 6 a.m. filled all the Old Town of Vilnius, Vingis Park and even Pilaitė forest with more than 80 free events attracting with their mysteriousness.

The programmes of the most popular genres – music, cinema, theatre and dance took place in more than 30 spaces of the city. Over 20 museums and galleries of the city opened their expositions at night and also invited to special art programmes.

In order to preserve one of the most popular cultural events of the city, around 70 culture, art and public organizations and more than 300 individual artists joined their efforts for the common goal. The events of the ‘Culture Night’ were traditionally organized in squares, halls, galleries, churches, parks and small yards of the Old Town.

During the film screenings, which lasted until dawn, the best films created by young authors participating in the short film festival ‘Vilnius Film Shorts 2009’ from Spain, Germany, Russia and Israel were introduced. Moreover, for the first time during the night of culture, cinema fans could enjoy the films created by ‘Skalvija Film Academy’ students. ‘Skalvija’ cinema theatre also offered a good cinema programme, lasting till morning.

The event was also interspersed with elements of horror inviting the bravest spectators to watch horror films in the ‘Horror cellar’ of the Energy and Technology Museum. Vilnius University Museum of Medicine History organized excursions to the pathology exposition, demonstrating the collection of surgical instruments.

Organizers of the project ‘Be good’, which is promoting the bone-marrow donor awareness, invited everybody to gather near the White Bridge to create together the ‘Live sky’ letting up to the sky hundreds of paper lanterns. The aim of this campaign was to remind everybody that not only the sky, but also the life can be lit in the dark of the night.